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Good Financial Hygiene: Tips For Better Care – Ep001

Finance Savvy CEO

Dentists encourage good dental hygiene like brushing 2-3 times a day, flossing, periodic cleanings, and more to help ensure you have better dental health. Similar to dental hygiene, good financial hygiene promotes better financial health for your business. In this podcast episode, I break down the dynamics of good financial hygiene!

Many business owners tend to be brilliant at their craft but not so great when it comes to managing their money and ultimately their profitability. When I first started out in the business advisory world, it was super surprising to me the lack of attention business owners gave to their financial hygiene. So much so that I dug in deeper and realized that it’s because many just don’t know how much their financial hygiene contributes to the overall profitability of their business!

I’ve seen so many business owners with incredible earning potential, but when you add on the stresses of serving your customers, managing your team, running your business, keeping up with being great at your craft, wearing all the hats to run your business day to day, juggling working in and on your business, and being able to step back to see the forest from the trees, somewhere along the way things get confusing, overwhelming, and your business takes financial hits that it shouldn’t necessarily be taking.

Listen to the full episode to uncover ways to come more hygienic! 

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