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The Financial Trifecta: The financial foundation of your business – Ep005

In this episode, we are talking all about your financial trifecta – what your business needs for a solid financial foundation.

It’s so important for me to address this topic because I hear so much of “Marguerite, guess what? I hired a bookkeeper…I’m all set right?” Or “Marguerite, if I can just get my taxes done I’ll be all set right?”

Now as much as I’d love to say yes to all of those questions, unfortunately, the answer is no. A small business requires much more than bookkeeping and tax support alone to be financially stable. And because the answer is no, I want to take the time on this podcast episode to walk you through what I call the Financial Trifecta.

This financial Trifecta is the 3 basic financial areas in your business that you need a solution for in order to create a strong financial foundation to set yourself up for financial success.

Listen to the full episode to learn what you need to implement in your business to reap the benefits of the financial trifecta and

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