NATIONAL BLACK BUSINESS MONTH: Celebrating Black-owned businesses

According to a study, 58% of Black business owners said that their business’s financial health was “at-risk” or “distressed” during the COVID-19 pandemic. Most businesses have been adjusting to a new “normal” operational setup in hopes of seeing brighter days ahead on the other side of the pandemic. And as we celebrate National Black Business Month in August, Marguerite Pressley Davis, our CEO, and other Black-owned business owners shared ways to show support to Black-owned businesses this month and every month: 

1. Patronize

It is yet the best way of support you can show to a Black-owned business – shop, purchase, and patronize their products and services.

A recent report found that minority women-owned businesses disproportionately suffer from cash flow issues – leading to business closures. So this national Black business month, support by purchasing a product or service from a Black woman-owned business. From the “Buy From a Black Woman” directory to uber badges, there is no shortage of ways to identify these businesses.

– Marguerite Pressley Davis


2. Promote

Promoting a Black-owned business via social media or word of mouth can help them:

  • Open up opportunities
  • Expose them to new audiences/communities

Purchasing, patronizing, and promoting Black-owned businesses is not hard to do. We shop regularly online or on-site, yet why not do this with our Black business owners trying to change lives through their products and services? Like our CEO, Marguerite Pressley Davis, said, “not only does buying from these businesses support cash flow, but going the extra mile to share your great experience with your friends, family, and the network pays dividends.” Indeed, going the extra mile is something that takes little time to do. And as we celebrate National Black Business Month, let’s not stop on August 31st in supporting Black businesses. Instead, let this month be the start in supporting them until we see financial success for each Black business.

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