Finance Savvy CEO Celebrates Financial Literacy Month for Small Businesses by Partnering with Georgia Secretary of State

Financial Literacy Month is a celebration for some and a reminder for many – a celebration for those small business owners who are nailing their business finances and a reminder for those business owners that there is still a chance for improvement – one step at a time. And for this year’s Financial Literacy Month, the Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger announces to host the She Leads Financial Literacy Virtual Workshop Series to turbocharge the financial well-being of every small business.

“Ensuring Georgia entrepreneurs and small business owners have the tools to thrive has been one of my top priorities since day one. I know what it takes to build a successful business and will do whatever I can to ensure business in the state of Georgia continues to grow.” – Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger

This interactive virtual workshop is broken down into 4 one-hour workshops series that provide a deep dive into the following topics:

PART 1. Choosing the Optimal Revenue models to maximize how much money you can make in your business – April 7th at 6 pm, Thursday

There are multiple ways to make money with your products and services, but do you know what is/are the right revenue models that will maximize your revenue potential? In this 1-hour guided session, explore the popular revenue models and how to decide which is best for you and which new ones to add.

PART 2: Business Financial Planning Essentials – April 21st at 6 pm, Thursday

Business financial planning is essential for ensuring that your business is on track for long-term financial stability and viability and is also critical during fundraising. In this 1-hour guided session, learn key elements of a business financial plan and build your own business financial plan through the exercises.

PART 3: Pricing your products and services – May 5th at 6 pm, Thursday

Are you confident that you are pricing your products and services correctly? Mispriced products and services are one of the biggest money leaks for businesses. During this 1-hour guided session, you will learn how to develop your pricing strategy to ensure you’re pricing your products and services for financial sustainability.

PART 4: Developing your Fundraising Strategy – May 19th at 6 pm, Thursday

Success on the fundraising trail begins with a well-crafted fundraising strategy. During this 1-hour guided session, you will uncover how to develop a winning fundraising strategy.

These interactive workshops provide a deep dive into the topics to be discussed during this 4-part virtual workshop series and include:

♥ valuable presentation materials

♥ downloadable workbook for you to use during the workshops

♥ hands-on activities

♥ dedicated Q&A incorporated throughout the workshop


The office of the Secretary of State invites all small business owners to attend these free and informational workshops.

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