5 mistakes most business owners make when creating their financial plan & what to do instead

The critical “Don’ts” when creating a financial plan for your business and exactly what to do instead to set your business up for financial success

In this Workshop, you’ll learn:

— 1 —

Pitfalls to Avoid When Creating
Your Financial Plan for your business

And why these pitfalls are detrimental to keeping you from reaching your financial goals

— 2 —

The most simple and effective financial plan building strategy
That makes it easy to use, understand, and most importantly, allows it to be used as your daily, weekly, monthly guide to operate your business

— 3 —

Examples of Strong Financial Plans

And exactly why they’re so good

In today’s economic environment, running a profitable small business is more important, yet more challenging than ever before

So much is changing for the small business owner, and it’s never been a more critical time to have a clear financial roadmap with directions for your business. The business owners that will win in this environment are the business owners that are prepared to make efficient use of their cash, keep a close on how they’re spending and how to adjust quickly as needed.

This workshop could be the light bulb you’ve been needing!

If you’re going to position your business for financial success, it all begins with a solid financial plan. Join me to learn exactly what not to do, and what to do instead to successfully build a usable, effective, financial plan for your business. One that helps you to stay focused on what matters the most, monitor your cash needs, make more confident business decisions, know how much capital you need to raise, pivot more quickly when needed, pay yourself consistently, and actually be PROFITABLE!

This workshop is a Must Attend if…

I’ve been building financial plans for businesses for over 15 years.

As a 3x founder with 1 successful exit under my belt, former Mergers & Acquisitions Consultant, wall street finance senior analyst, managing director at a $25M venture capital fund, and CFO helping founders to financially strategize, boost their profitability, and collectively raise over $33M in capital, I uncovered the exact elements to create a financial plan that you use daily to help you make business decisions, raise capital, and boost your profitability, and one that just sits on your computer gathering dust and taking up memory.

This is a brand new workshop that encompasses the major pitfalls I’ve seen business owners face that keeps them from reaching their financial goals, and everything I know to help you accelerate creating and implementing a financial plan for your business that allows you to operate it with confidence, clarity, and exceed your wildest financial goals.

If this is the year that you turn the financial state of your business around and reach record heights with your profitability, I can’t wait to help you get the clarity to get here quicker, and less painful.

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Best, Marguerite